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    Hi and welcome to The Striped Sheep. 

    The Striped Sheep was born out of my love for striped everything.  Ever since studying in Paris a lifetime ago, I have been hooked on the wardrobe staple known as the Breton shirt.  Not exactly a fashionista, I have a love for uniform and high quality essentials.  The striped shirt is definitely one of the select items that I always go to.

    After a career in real estate law and enduring a rather tough period in my life, I aspired to do something fun and creative.  So I decided to start a line of striped shirts for the whole family.  My first shirts are for women and children - men and tweens are in the works. The idea is to create staples that we all need in our wardrobe and moreover to have fun in the process.

    As a mom of boys, I noticed that all the colorful clothing options out there are made for girls, while the boys' selection is limited to mostly grays and blues.  I wanted to create fabrics featuring both classic and bright colors where boys can wear rainbow and girls can wear blue.  Our children’s shirts are unisex, offering a mommy & me combo for girls and boys alike (because little boys in stripes are the cutest).

    I hope you like them as much as I do!

    For all inquiries please email