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Posted on April 21 2019

I have not written a blog post, posted anything to instagram, or meaningfully checked my email in weeks.  A few weeks ago my husband was on trial defending against a lawsuit filed by his former employer who launched a four year legal battle meant to destroy him.  The lawsuit was personal, vindictive and had no merit to it.  He was tried in the same federal courthouse as Bernie Madoff and Anthony Weiner.  Needless to say, the trial was both emotionally and physically exhausting.  Thanks to an amazing jury who 'got it', despite all the lies told and all the false accusations thrown and all the millions that were sought, my husband was found liable for $2.00.  Two dollars, as in a bottle of Coca Cola.  So with a bottle of Coca Cola, our four year nightmare has essentially ended.  We are tremendously relieved that justice was served and that the whole ordeal is behind us.  So with that, life continues, and i keep marketing my brand and selling shirts - with a tremendous weight off my shoulders.  Sound just like your week?? The photos below are from an impromptu photoshoot that was meant to be a run through to see how the lighting came out.  The lighting was great and the impromptu became the photoshoot.  Vent below with any life altering events you've been through lately.  I feel like i have many of them covered. Lol!



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